10 Places In India That are Perfect for Curling Up with a Book

Planning a holiday over the weekend? We’ve found you the perfect reader’s paradise. All you need is a suitcase full of books and a warm blanket. These places in India are made for the geeky book lover who just wants to curl up with a book or two and a warm cup of chai.


Kerala: The houseboats of Kerala are the perfect haven for book lovers. Imagine the backwaters, refreshing coconut water and your favourite book.


Hampi: Escape into your favourite book surrounded by the architectural charm of Hampi.


Goa: The waves crashing against the shore and the words from your favourite author… ah, blissful isn’t it?


Rajasthan: The sand dunes of Rajashtan provide the perfect corner to cosy up with a book without being disturbed for hours.


Coorg: Grab a spot by the Kaveri River and make yourself comfortable with a book and pleasant breeze for company.
Kohima: Cosy up with your favourite summer read in a café in this hilly destination in Nagaland.
Ladakh: What better to place to finish off the last chapter of your book than under a sky full of stars?
Kashmir: A shikara on the peaceful Dal Lake and your book. Bliss!
Ooty: Surrounded by majestic mountains and picturesque landscapes, a book and a warm cup of tea sounds like a great idea.

Mumbai: Uncountable books and endless cups of coffee… head to a book café in Mumbai and escape into serenity right within the bustling city.

The article was originally published on iDiva.com


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