Get Ready For A Book Swap Party

If I had a book for every time I tried to clean out my bookshelf I would, well, have a lot more books! It’s hard to actually clean out your bookshelf because rarely is there a book in there, so bad that you are willing to throw it. However, I do have a lot of junk in there with three copies of the same book, books that I just can’t read past the first chapter, and books that I’ve re-read so many times, I’ll go crazy if I see them again.

So as the perfect Spring Cleaning activity of sorts, I am hosting my very first BOOK SWAP PARTY IN MUMBAI. It is exactly what it sounds like; bring a book, or many, and swap them for other books. This way, we all get new stories and no book feels left out.

I also have a cup of chai (and coffee) to go around, along with the bookish conversations. So if you are in Mumbai, come over say hi!

Looking forward to seeing you, book fam!

Bookmark Your Saturday For A Book Swap Party!

Here are all the deets. 

Bookmark Your Saturday For A Book Swap Party! (1)

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